CMCB summer meeting July 3, 2019

Remus Dame opening the meeting. Who can come up with a good logo for CMCB??
Dennis Claessen starting out talking about cell walls and the lack thereof!
Joost Willemse solving technical issues!
Bastian Hornung (Smits lab) talking about plasmids in C. diff!
Liang Qin (Dame lab) Functional modulation of P. aeruginosa global regulator MvaT by viral protein Mip
Joana Santos (Lamers lab) giving insight into the Mtb mutasome!
Davi Ortega (Briegel lab) giving insight into the repurposing of a molecular machine using cryoEM and bioinformatics
Alise Muok (Briegel lab) is developing a biosensor for cancer detection using the E.coli chemotaxis system
Nobody poses like Meindert Lamers
Dennis Claessen and Wiep Klaas Smits are having fun
fun times at the CMCB meeting